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What’s Coming Up at Regency!

Regency Christian Center Int'l - New Teaching Series: The Glory of Christ
Click to enlarge - Sunday Morning Teaching and Worship.

Regency Christian Center International -
Click to enlarge - Regency Christmas Celebration - December 24th at 10:00 AM

Regency Christian Center International - Sunday Morning Worship & Teaching - 10:00 AM
Click to enlarge - Sunday Mornings at Regency Christian Center!

Regency Christian Center International - Friday Night Service - Worship, Encouraging Teaching, Personal Ministry and Powerful Encounters
Click to enlarge - Friday Nights at Regency Christian Center Int'l.

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At Regency we are purposeful and passionate about our life with God and understand we have received the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ to be loved by God, to love Him in return and to allow God to love others through us. Expressing His love in not just in hugs and smiles but also in how we serve to reach out to touch lives through the abilities, gifts and graces we have received from Him.

There are growth opportunities at Regency for spiritual development and for spiritual maturity. Every born-again believer needs to be equipped to serve God’s purpose on the earth. Equipping believers is what we love to do and what we have been called to do.

Our desire is to help God’s people to “Nurture Their Purpose in Christ” and be everything God has called them to be and to do everything God has called them to do.

We are an apostolic and prophetic community committed to the integrity of the Holy Scriptures and to the fulness of the Holy Spirit’s gifts, graces and operation in the Church.
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Apostle Jason & Pastor Cathy Guerrero
Senior Leads